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Track your miles for taxes. Uncover your tax deductions. Fill your business tax forms automatically.

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Track all your miles effortlessly

No more miles tracking in a spreadsheet

Freely helps you track all your business miles and have control over your mileage tracking.

You can easily categorize and differentiate business trips from personal trips.

  • Reliable miles tracking
  • Complete view of your trips

Effortlessly know the tax deductions you deserve for your miles

Keep track of all your business trips

Have all your business trips under the same roof.
Get monthly reports of your trips and potential tax deductions.

  • IRS tax deductions
  • All-in-one tracking platform

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Never feel alone again

Get instant support from real humans 9 to 5 Monday through Friday.

Our team of accounting and tax specialists will be by your side to make sure you feel confident of what you’re doing at every step.

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A plan that pays for itself

Freely is tax deductible–and we'll deduct it for you!

Small businesses

Whether you are a 1099, contractor, solopreneur,
freelancer, sole proprietor, or single-member LLC...


💰 Unlimited expense tracking
🚗 Business mileage tracking
📑 Ready-to-file tax reports

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Small businesses trust—and love—Freely

Tracking my miles has always been so tedious, writing every trips in my spreadsheet.. I subscribed to Freely and eased up the process hugely!
Daniel P.

Daniel P.

I love having everything in the same platform! I track my expenses, my miles and all of it turns into tax deductions. Freely has been so helpful to help me handle my business finances. Highly recommend!
Melissa T.

Melissa T.

Art Director
Automated write-offs. Easiest interface. Miles tracked in a couple of minutes. Phenomenal customer service! Can't say enough good things about Freely. It pays for itself 2x over in the time I save!
Aaron M.

Aaron M.

Industrial Designer