Calculate your Estimated Taxes without the hassle

Know exactly how much taxes you'll pay and how much you need to set aside. Avoid surprises. Get reminders and avoid penalties.

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Calculate estimated taxes in the blink of an eye

Leave the calculation worry aside

Freely tracks your income and expenses to automatically calculate how much you owe every quarter and reminds you their due dates.

Your payments are always on time. Never worry about paying penalties again.

  • Unlimited bank connections
  • Accurate tax calculator

Fill your end-of-year tax forms automatically

Save time and stress

Your expenses are automatically categorized according to the 1040-Schedule C deductions so you can easily deduct them in your taxes.

When tax season arrives, download your business tax reports (Expense Report, Profit & Loss, Schedule C, etc.).

  • IRS tax deductions
  • Stress-free tax prep

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Get instant support from real humans 9 to 5 Monday through Friday.

Our team of accounting and tax specialists will be by your side to make sure you feel confident of what you’re doing at every step.

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A plan that pays for itself

Freely is tax deductible–and we'll deduct it for you!


Whether you are a 1099, contractor, solopreneur,
sole proprietor, or single-member LLC...


💰 Unlimited expense tracking
📑 Ready-to-file tax reports
⚖️ Estimated taxes calculation

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Freelancers trust—and love—Freely

Quarterly estimated payments have always been a pain. To be honest, I didn't even know how to calculate them. Freely has made such a difference in the process!
Steve P.

Steve P.

Graphic Designer
Wow! I was so used to paying penalties that I forgot I could save some money. Freely just made everything so MUCH easier. No more penalties for me, yay!
Kayla L.

Kayla L.

Art Director
Automated taxes calculation. Clear and easy interface. I've been handling my estimated tax payments to a tax preparer for 13 years, Freely took over without a trouble.
Michael B.

Michael B.

Industrial Designer