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Organize your finances. Effortlessly maximize your tax deductions. Import your data from Freely to your tax filing software in seconds.

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Bring all your self-employed finances together in seconds

Save time and energy

Securely link the personal and business accounts you use for work to Freely. Watch the magic happen.

Freely imports your transactions, untangles them into work or life, and categorizes your business income and expenses for taxes on the go.

  • Bank-level data security
  • Unlimited bank connections

Effortlessly track the tax deductions you deserve

Stop leaving money on the table

Freely scans your past purchases and automatically finds the business expenses you can write off.

Your expenses are automatically categorized according to the 1040-Schedule C deductions so that you can easily deduct them in your taxes.

  • IRS tax deductions
  • Uncover missed deductions

File your self-employed taxes without the hassle

Make tax season a breeze

If you file using a software, install our plug-in and we’ll tell you the numbers you should enter at every step to prepare your taxes.

If you have a tax advisor or accountant, download the business tax reports they need to file your taxes (Profit & Loss Statement, Schedule C, etc.).

  • Hand-holding tax prep
  • Pre-filled tax documents

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Get instant support from real humans 9 to 5 Monday through Friday.

Our team of accounting and tax specialists will be by your side to make sure you feel confident of what you’re doing at every step.

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Preparing your taxes as a self-employed has never been so easy!


Costs less than your bookkeeper

On average, online bookkeeping services start at $249/month.


More insights than spreadsheets

78% of freelancers don’t know how much they can afford to pay themselves or re-invest into their business each month.


Less painful than doing it yourself

Freelancers spend 2 full days on average preparing to file their taxes.


Better fit than accounting apps

63% of freelancers feel their accounting software is cluttered and not adapted to their needs.

A plan that pays for itself

Freely is tax deductible–and we'll deduct it for you!


Whether you are a 1099, contractor, solopreneur,
sole proprietor, or single-member LLC...


💰 Unlimited expense tracking
🔌 Unlimited bank connections
📑 Ready-to-file tax reports

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Freelancers trust—and love—Freely

I've used other accounting tools that felt cluttered and clunky. Freely has what I need without trying to add too much in. Informative, yet intuitive and easy to use. Tax season is (almost) fun now!
Stephen G.

Stephen G.

Graphic Designer
I love everything about Freely! I'm really excited that I no longer have to manually track income and expenses. It does everything automatically! Plus their customer service is very helpful.
Ashley H.

Ashley H.

Art Director
Automated write-offs. Easiest interface. Schedule C prep in a couple of minutes. Phenomenal customer service! Can't say enough good things about Freely. It pays for itself 2x over in the time I save!
Dave E.

Dave E.

Industrial Designer

Frequently asked questions

It depends. If you made more than $400 from clients, you are required to report your income on your tax return, whether or not you received a 1099 form. The IRS sometimes won’t catch a mistake for years, but once they do you will owe them for the unreported income along with a penalty fee.

If you didn’t form a business entity, like a corporation, or you are a single-member LLC, you’ll be automatically considered as a sole proprietor by the IRS. You’ll need to file Schedule C to report your taxable business income or loss, and Schedule SE to report your self-employment taxes (Social Security and Medicare taxes). The IRS will also expect you to make quarterly estimated payments using form 1040-ES. But don’t worry, Freely will handle everything for you so you don’t have to!

It depends on the field you’re working in. But the most commonly overlooked deductions are: business use of your home (rent, wifi, phone, water, and electricity bills), business meals, car expenses, education expenses, and business startup costs. We know it can be quite overwhelming to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Just link your bank or credit card to Freely and we’ll scan your past purchases to automatically find the tax write-offs you may have missed!

Yes! If you join mid-year and want to go back to find tax write-offs from earlier in the year, you definitely can. In fact, we can generally import up to 13 months of data which can certainly come in handy if you haven’t tracked any expenses for 2021.

Yes! You can connect as many bank accounts and credit cards as you like. We support more than 11,000 banks (e.g. Chase, Capital One) as well as most credit unions (e.g. Navy Federal Credit Union), online payment accounts (e.g. PayPal), and credit cards (e.g. American Express).

Not really. Right now we’re focusing on what we do best: monitoring your business accounts in real-time to keep your finances organized and find all the tax deductions you’ve been missing out on. So, when the tax season rolls around, your expenses are deducted and we’ll generate all the tax documents you need to file your taxes for your self-employed business no matter how you choose to file, with tax software or an accountant. We want to give you the freedom to choose the tax filing method that suits you best!